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Helping make TEDxSydney 2013 a success

TEDxSydney is back for its fourth year, and for 2013 the organising committee is really stepping it up a notch — relocating from   CarriageWorks to the iconic Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House and growing from 500 to 2,200 attendees. It will also be simulcast throughout the public areas of the House for members of the public and visitors to enjoy free, and streamed live to a worldwide online video audience viewing from home, the workplace or one of many planned satellite events.

Eco-designer and educator Leyla Acaroglu. Photo: Fe Lumsdaine, Lumsdaine Photography

A partnership with ‘locavore’ advocates Grow It Local and under the direction of food curator Jill Dupleix will see all catering for the event grown and harvested by volunteers in the Sydney region and prepared for the event in the kitchens of internationally-renowned chef Matt Moran

…this will be big!

It’s natural to assume an event of this ambitious scale is a profitable commercial enterprise, but it might surprise you to know that TEDxSydney is actually produced by a team of unpaid volunteers, challenging themselves to bring the best Australian ‘ideas worth sharing’ to a bigger audience every year.

At The New Agency, we’ve volunteered our time and expertise on the organising committee of TEDxSydney since 2010 and we’re back again for 2013, assisting with social media, web platforms and satellite events. Volunteers Alison LeeClaudia Barriga Larriviere and Zach Kitschke are part of the busy social media team while Alan Jones is also part of the web platform and satellite event team. 

TEDxSydney is at the Sydney Opera House on 4 May and applications are currently open for tickets. Tickets are always hard to get and yes, you are our favourite client, but no, we can’t guarantee you a ticket. Apply now and we’ll put in a good word.

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